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4 cyl

Ligikaudne hind paigaldamine 4 silindriline mootor

500 €

5-6 cyl

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900 €

8 cyl

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1100 €

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Kütus    Hind (€/l, €/kg)

LPG             0,529

CNG              0.779

95                1,224

98                1,264

Diisel             1,0159




Hind: 700.00 €

SEC PRO is the latest and most advanced product in LECHO offer. It has been designed for users who appreciate innovative, advanced technology and ease of installation. SEC PRO is a controller designed for cars from three to eight cylinders. Unlike cheaper SEC ECO, in the SEC PRO product we developed two systems of automatic calibration. OBD-II and our proprietary ATS. OBD-II system on the basis of short-trim and long-trim adjusts the composition of the air-fuel mixture. This system works on the principle of constant communication with the car's OBD-II system, regulating the SEC PRO module in real time. OBD-II communication is made through external module which supports all OBD-II protocols. OBD PRO Module is available as separate product - OBD PRO.
In a similar way also works ATS system. In continuous mode adjusts the composition of the air-fuel mixture, but does not receive signals from your car, processes them independently on the basis of readings of engine operating parameters such as injection timing, and vacuum. The main advantage of ATS is a possibility to use it in almost in any car, no matter what is the year of manufacture (which is important for OBD). Engines which do not have vacuum (eg. BMW Valvetronic) are not a problem for SEC PRO, as it is perfectly able to deal with it, because in addition to extensive automation it has a possibility of advanced manual calibration. This product works with any type of gas level sensor with the ability to manually set thresholds for gas level display on the switch, also has a large selection of settings for the most common types of gas sensor level. The big advantage here is the integration of the beeper in the cabine switch. Especially for the SEC PRO, we developed new, clear and intuitive diagnostic program that supports the already well-known in the market system SEC ECO. It has very powerful features of advanced calibration, which are usualy missing in the competitive products. However, the program was created in such a way that a novice mechanic without the hassle handle it as well, and an experienced installer-mechanic will appreciate the possibility of a very precise manual control parameter settings. We added there also connection with lubrification system. If the car is going to be equipped in an electronic valve lubrification system, there is no need to install additional programs. Liquid dosage can be set directly from the SEC PRO diagnostic program. It also introduced a function of the maximum injection time, which is very important for the car which was chip tuned, resulting very often “open loop” at higher rpm. It has also minimized amount of soldering connections because electric harness is equipped in connectors. We also we made possibil to update firmware directly from the PC software. The SEC PRO has adjusted rpm input voltage level, which will help to avoid problems with the reading of the engine rpm.

Hind: 700.00 €