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4 cyl

Ligikaudne hind paigaldamine 4 silindriline mootor

500 €

5-6 cyl

Ligikaudne hind paigaldamine 5-6 silindriline mootor

900 €

8 cyl

Ligikaudne hind paigaldamine 8 silindriline mootor

1100 €

Kütuse hinnavõrdlus

Kütus    Hind (€/l, €/kg)

LPG             0,529

CNG              0.779

95                1,224

98                1,264

Diisel             1,0159


4-cyl-LECHO-SEC-ECO-PROJuhtsüsteem KIT SEC ECO ATS is set of SEC ECO electronics together with reducer, injectors and all necessary assembly components. The most popular version is set including Tomasetto Alaska reducer and OMVL REG injectors. Tomasetto Alaska reducer is designed for engines up to 140 HP. We also offer other sets of configuration, such as OMVL CPR reducer (up to 163 HP), Tomasetto ARTIC (up to 240 HP), injectors like RAIL, VALTEK or HANA. We can compose any configuration, also as complete KIT with hoses and tank. KIT SEC ECO is also available in CNG version. Selection of components according to customer wishes.

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Hind: 700.00 €

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